Why London is the Home of Fashion

  • 8th May 2016

London is indeed the Fashionable capital in the world, with it’s worldwide title spreading with the winning combination of Duchess of Cambridge and the Olympic games.

Surveys says London ranks top for Fashion, followed by New York, Barcelona and Paris. The results come from yearly survey performed by United States based analytics firm Global Language Monitor that compile the best ten lists through studying the content of global print as well as online media outlets and blogs as well as social networking sites. London success credits to the Duchess effect, whereby garments worn by royalty are quickly copied on the high street and sell out, adding to millions of pounds price of sales. Below are some of the many reasons why London Fashion is renowned all over the world:

  • London is a centre of trend setters and innovators with a remarkable amount of creativity.
  • A lot of people will argue the strong point of the Fashion institutions here plays an essential role why it is called the Fashion capital of the world. The sheer quantity and excellence of Fashion talent developing as graduated in London is a big pull for a lot in the business from consumers to the fresh designers themselves.
  • London is the place of world’s renowned art and Fashion schools that have been notorious for honing design talent for this thrilling global business. A lot of international students that train at these schools decode to stay and create businesses here, adding to the global reputation for innovation and adding to UK economy.
  • Oxford Street, is a the shopping center of London since year 1908, and here you will find lots of stores offering absolutely anything you want here. Virtually all of the main retail stores in London have their flagships branches along this street.
  • London is the home of the absolute finest in designer label style, most essential in the Bond Street. This is considered one of the most leading luxury shopping streets in London and this also features brands as well as designer labels which are recognized not only in London but also all over the world.
  • London is not only a home Fashionable clothes and dress; here you can also find the best brands of shoes which is renowned all over the world. If you are shoe-a-holic, don’t forget to visit Covent Garden and Neal Street wherein almost every shop you’ll see as you walk along offers beautiful branded shoes.
  • The strength of London Fashion training and education is frequently quoted as being one of the many reasons why it named as the world Fashion capital. Something that the well-travelled businessmen behind, according to Fashion experts and professionals.

Fashion is an art, one couldn’t play it too safe, one need to be willing to take all the risks. London provides a platform for creatives and key players in the field to do exactly this. London is the place to be as a fashion designer, shopper, or enthusiast.