About the Area

The South Kensington area has held London’s title of being the cultural and scientific heart of London since the Great Exhibition of 1851. It is home to the Science Museum, Natural History Museum, and other museums along Exhibition Road, as well as the Royal Albert Hall.

However, whilst the area holds great significance, it is often forgotten that it is a residential area. Hidden down the side streets are some of London’s most popular and beautiful mansions and flats, with pockets of greenery and private gardens. It is sometimes described as a miniature France, as the majority of London’s French homeowners seem to reside in the area. This is further reaffirmed by the fact that in South Kensington one can find the French Institute, which houses a French cinema, French bookshops, cafes and eateries.

It is also a great hub for shopping, with Harvey Nichols and Harrods on its doorstep, as well as a more intimate shopping experience along Brompton Road and Fulham Road.

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